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Case Study

Personal Injury Attorney

Although established in traditional marketing, the firm struggled to capture new clients through digital marketing.

Solution: An overhaul of the firm's SEO strategy.

Over 1,900 first page placements
Over $7 Million in new business
ROI: 4,900%

BBB A+ Rated
Top Digital Marketing Company
Google Partner
MECLABS Online Testing Certified
American Marketing Association certified marketer

The Last Marketing Partner You'll Need

With over 25 years of experience optimizing websites for top search engine placement, we know what will get your firm to the top of Google. We worked in-house for a high-volume injury firm in Los Angeles. During that time, we helped the firm grow by over 369%.

And we can help you too.

Your roadmap to success must be unique because every website is unique. We believe in providing custom plans that will beat out your competition in your market.

98% increase in organic traffic
Jessie Zaylia

Jessie Zaylia

CA Workers' Compensation Attorney

Attorney Marketing Solutions helped bring my business from brand new to flourishing. Without retaining the services of any other company, they were able to fully take care of my marketing and SEO needs. Throughout the process of working with Attorney Marketing Solutions, they provided me with guidance, insight, and tips for increasing the online presence and visibility of my law firm.

I could not have succeeded so well and so quickly without their valuable services, and I would recommend Attorney Marketing Solutions to anyone wanting to have a marketing advantage in this competitive market.

What You Can Expect From Us

First and foremost, we will be honest and transparent with you. From your discovery call to monthly reporting and with every phone call, we will give you no-nonsense answers to your questions.

You will have direct contact with one of the owners. You will not have to jump through hoops or deal with junior account reps to get the answers to your questions.

You can expect thoroughly detailed and data-backed plans of action for your campaign that will get your law firm signed clients.

Are We A Good Fit For Each Other?

Hopefully, you're looking for a partner who will work in your firm's best interest because that's who we are.

We're in this for the long haul.

If you're open to new, fresh, and custom marketing solutions, we are the right match for you.

Law Firm SEO Services

There are dozens of services that will help your law firm's website gain top placement on Google. Because each website is unique, we draw from a pool of knowledge and resources that have been put together over the last 25 years to create a custom solution for you.

Here are a few of the most popular SEO services that we offer.

Best in Search. Top SEO
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360° Auditing

Put your firm's online presence under our microscope to uncover opportunities.

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Content Marketing

Cast a wide net for your organic results and fuel your other marketing efforts.

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Link Building

Increase your site's authority and positioning by naturally acquiring relevant links.

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Local SEO

Optimize your business to appear on the top of Google Maps.

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Reputation Management

Increase the number of reviews, and the quality of your reviews.

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Speed Optimization

If your site doesn't load fast, people won't wait to see your message. Increase your site's speed and get more clients.

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Image Optimization

Increase your exposure and gain natural citations by showing up in Google Images.

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Technical SEO

Cast a wide net for your organic results and fuel your other marketing efforts.

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YouTube SEO

Gain visibility for your law firm on the second largest search engine, YouTube!

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