How To Level Up Your Google Reviews

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How to level up your Google reviews
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    Getting five-star reviews not only helps boost your law firm’s reputation, but reviews may also aid in your search engine optimization efforts and gain a coveted top placement for your local listing. The result can mean better placement on search engines and acquiring more clients. To take the fullest advantage of your well-earned review, suggest that the reviewer answer these questions within their feedback.


    When a location is included in a review, this gives signals to Google as to where you conduct business. Your listing will have a better chance to show up in the mentioned areas.


    What was your case about?

    What type of case did we help you with?

    When a reviewer answers this question, they will naturally be adding essential keywords within the review. These keywords tell Google what practice areas are relevant to your firm’s listing.


    How did we help you?

    When a reviewer answers how you helped them, the feedback will include details, facts, keywords, and other unique information that is content-rich.


    Ask for “feedback.”

    Often, asking for a review will register as a “star rating” with little or no textual feedback from a past client. By asking for your client’s “feedback,” you will increase your odds of receiving reviews that contain a higher, keyword-rich word count.

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    Attorney Marketing » Search Engine Optimization » Resources » How To Level Up Your Google Reviews