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    When we discuss traditional SEO, we’re talking about ranking a website in the “normal” Google search results. These optimization methods are not specific to ranking a website in Google Maps. That’s a completely different approach. Although, it is not uncommon for optimizations to benefit both your traditional and Google Map rankings.

    Being such a behemoth of a topic, I find it to be prudent that we break down traditional SEO for law firms into smaller, bite-sized, topics.

    Traditional SEO Subtopics

    The above subsection will give you a vast wealth of SEO knowledge that you can use to gain the upper-hand advantage for your firm.

    Yes, SEO can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming endeavor. I find that the greatest hurdles are in finding accurate information and the time to act. I want to give you tools that will take care of having accurate information. As for the time to execute, I leave that for you to coordinate.

    As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on any of my social platforms. I’m here to help.

    Matthew Post

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